Joshua McAlees is a native born Floridian. Over the course of his more than seventeen-year career, Josh has had the pleasure of working on real estate projects throughout the state of Florida. Florida is a major real estate destination for numerous reasons. The warm weather attracts many people, including retiring baby boomers, who want to escape harsh winters. Another reason why Florida is popular with real estate owners is due to the lack of personal income tax. Josh is grateful for the opportunity to work in the Florida real estate market, and he looks forward to watching the market continue to grow and attract new residents.

In 1996 Joshua McAlees earned his Bachelor of Business Administration in International Business from Northwood University. His first job after graduation was with Nicklaus Design. As part of his work with the organization, Josh was involved in the construction of the Trump International Golf Club in West Palm Beach. After this experience, Josh became involved in the construction of automobile dealerships throughout the state including Orlando, Jacksonville, and Ft. Pierce. Josh was eventually promoted to the role of Director of Construction and Partner—a testament to his skill and knowledge.

A year after earning his real estate and general contractor licenses Joshua McAlees started Capital Construction and Development. At first, Josh focused on building commercial properties across the state of Florida. However, after 2009 he began to focus on high end residential real estate. One of his current residential projects is 3621 South Ocean, which is located in Highland Beach. Josh enjoys the variety of work that is part of the real estate industry. Each project—whether it’s residential or commercial—is different, comes with its own set of challenges, and gives Josh the opportunity to learn more about the real estate industry.

Capital Construction and Development sets itself apart from competitors by employing a small group of skilled employees. Even though the company is small, it is able to handle multi-million dollar projects—something that even large companies are unable to do consistently and with success. Furthermore, since Josh has experience as both a developer and a general contractor, he understands the entire real estate process better than many competitors.

One real estate trend that Joshua McAlees is excited by is multi-family housing. Millennials and retirees who don’t want the financial commitment are attracted to renting property. Josh believes that the Florida real estate market has a lot to offer millennials and retirees, and he looks forward to getting more involved in this space over the next couple of years.