Joshua Mcalees 2019 Florida Real Estate Trends

Trends to Expect in the Florida Real Estate Market in 2019

Florida’s economy is in excellent condition, and 2019 will see the market trend upwards. The state is currently one of the fastest growing economies because of job growth. The rising incomes in Florida are going to improve real estate values statewide. People have more money to spend on their homes, and the average price for […]

Joshua Mcalees Where Are People Moving

Where Are People Moving to in the U.S.?

After visiting different locations multiple times, families might determine that a relocation is in their best interest. They might move for a job opportunity. Some believe the cost of living in another city is more in line with their budget. Many people move from one city to another in order to improve their circumstances. Some […]

Joshua Mcalees 1031 Exchange Vacation Home Tax

What You Need to Know About the 1031 Exchange

When we moved our family, the transition of the majority of our real estate holdings by the new place was done with almost no capital gains tax payments through the use of 1031 exchanges. The exchange we favored the most was buying a Florida vacation property. Absentee ownership with short-term rentals definitely includes obstacles, but […]

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Luxury Real Estate Spotlight: Hudson Yards

New York City is the best location for finding luxury homes and apartments. Prime real estate spots come up all the time to find the hottest properties. Now, there is a new luxury real estate coming up to the spotlight. Hudson Yards, residing on the far west side of Manhattan, has now become the next […]

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South Florida and Overseas Investors

Florida has been a prime destination for nightlife, leisure and fun by the beach for years. While many come for the vacation of a lifetime, many business investors from overseas is seeing the lucrative potential of South Florida. Ever since the expansion airport, more flights have come in from many other places around the world. […]

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Celebrity Homes Near North Palm Beach, Florida

It’s no surprise that celebrities know and live where all the “it” neighborhoods are. Contrary to most beliefs, not all of these elite and popular neighborhoods reside in sunny California. There are some celebs that found their way to Florida in search of the perfect home. Many have found a home near North Palm Beach, […]

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Sarasota and Collier Top the Charts

Florida is home to the elite and luxury. Two counties in particular are becoming more and more popular amongst buyers. The Sarasota and Collier counties have become the optimal locations for buying luxury homes. These locations offer sunny days and an attractive beachfront lifestyle. Buyers are ditching the hustle and bustle of popular, congested cities […]

Joshua Mcalees Upcoming Events Throughout The Palm Beaches

Upcoming Events Throughout The Palm Beaches

Not only do The Palm Beaches boast warm and sunny weather for natives and visitors, they also offer a variety of events in scenic settings. Whether you’re looking to participate in festivals that gather the community or searching for the perfect day activity for a vacation getaway, The Palm Beaches offer events that will appeal […]

Joshua Mcalees Guide To Real Estate Taxes In Florida

A Guide to Real Estate Taxes in Florida

While Florida has no state income tax, residents are still expected to pay real estate taxes. Though Florida real estate taxes depend on which city and county a home is located in, as a general rule, real estate taxes are generally higher in heavily populated areas that are experiencing rapid housing growth. This is attributed […]

Joshua Mcalees Stages Of The Building Process

Stages of the Building Process

Construction of a new property or carrying out a major renovation can be a complex task. One needs to go into any construction project with a solid understanding of the steps that are involved. A recent article highlighted the four major steps in the building process. While these steps may vary in their details from […]

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