Joshua Mcalees Upcoming Events Throughout The Palm Beaches

Upcoming Events Throughout The Palm Beaches

Not only do The Palm Beaches boast warm and sunny weather for natives and visitors, they also offer a variety of events in scenic settings. Whether you’re looking to participate in festivals that gather the community or searching for the perfect day activity for a vacation getaway, The Palm Beaches offer events that will appeal […]

Joshua Mcalees Guide To Real Estate Taxes In Florida

A Guide to Real Estate Taxes in Florida

While Florida has no state income tax, residents are still expected to pay real estate taxes. Though Florida real estate taxes depend on which city and county a home is located in, as a general rule, real estate taxes are generally higher in heavily populated areas that are experiencing rapid housing growth. This is attributed […]

Joshua Mcalees Stages Of The Building Process

Stages of the Building Process

Construction of a new property or carrying out a major renovation can be a complex task. One needs to go into any construction project with a solid understanding of the steps that are involved. A recent article highlighted the four major steps in the building process. While these steps may vary in their details from […]

Joshua Mcalees Real Estate Prices In Florida After A Hurricane

Real Estate Prices in Florida After a Hurricane

In 2017, Hurricane Irma, one of the most powerful hurricanes ever recorded in the Atlantic Ocean and the Caribbean Sea, utterly destroyed a number of Caribbean nations and severely damaged others. Some, like Puerto Rico, have still not even approached a state of recovery over a year later. Irma was widely predicted to make a […]

Joshua Mcalees The Housing Market Is Changing Because Of This Generation

The Housing Market is Changing Because of This Generation

With every new generation comes changes to the way the housing market operates and functions. For several reasons, millennials are changing the way the housing market works. Millennials tend to have less disposable income, be more focused on technology, and tend to value the amenities of larger cities and their suburbs more than the space […]

Joshua Mcalees Important Features To Build A Florida Home

Important Features to Include When Building a Florida Home

If you’re planning on building a new home in Florida, there is a high level of freedom that comes with designing the building. You’ll get to select the materials that are used in the home, as well as the layout of the interior setting. If you want to create a functional environment, there are a […]

Joshua Mcalees Why You Should Consider Florida Real Estate

Reasons to Consider Real Estate in Florida

When you’re ready to relocate and want to invest in real estate, the destination where you purchase property is one of the most important parts of the transaction. For those who want to make a wise purchase and enjoy where they live, it’s important to consider purchasing real estate in Florida. If you’re ready to […]

Joshua McAlees The Best Kept Secrets of Florida

The Best Kept Secrets of Florida

Buying a home in Florida is maybe one of the best decisions someone can make. It doesn’t matter if you’re here all year round or come down for just the winter time. For many, being a local resident means straying away from the major crowds and looking for hidden gems. Here’s a list of five […]

Joshua McAlees Multifamily Housing

Multifamily Housing

One of the biggest upcoming trends in Florida real estate development, and real estate development around the world, is multifamily housing. The definition of multifamily housing is this: a building with more than one family inside it’s dwellings. Examples of of multifamily housings are condos, apartments, duplexes, and townhomes. Often, the building is owned by a […]

Joshua McAlees When to Call in a Professional

When to Call in a Professional

With a growing number of instructional videos and user-friendly products on the market, the decision of whether to tackle a home improvement project yourself or whether to hire a contractor to do it is becoming increasingly complicated. On the other hand, DIY projects gone wrong can be prohibitively expensive to fix. Before deciding to tackle […]

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