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Joshua Mcalees Why You Should Consider Florida Real Estate

Reasons to Consider Real Estate in Florida

When you’re ready to relocate and want to invest in real estate, the destination where you purchase property is one of the most important parts of the transaction. For those who want to make a wise purchase and enjoy where they live, it’s important to consider purchasing real estate in Florida. If you’re ready to […]

Joshua McAlees The Best Kept Secrets of Florida

The Best Kept Secrets of Florida

Buying a home in Florida is maybe one of the best decisions someone can make. It doesn’t matter if you’re here all year round or come down for just the winter time. For many, being a local resident means straying away from the major crowds and looking for hidden gems. Here’s a list of five […]

Joshua McAlees Multifamily Housing

Multifamily Housing

One of the biggest upcoming trends in Florida real estate development, and real estate development around the world, is multifamily housing. The definition of multifamily housing is this: a building with more than one family inside it’s dwellings. Examples of of multifamily housings are condos, apartments, duplexes, and townhomes. Often, the building is owned by a […]

Joshua McAlees When to Call in a Professional

When to Call in a Professional

With a growing number of instructional videos and user-friendly products on the market, the decision of whether to tackle a home improvement project yourself or whether to hire a contractor to do it is becoming increasingly complicated. On the other hand, DIY projects gone wrong can be prohibitively expensive to fix. Before deciding to tackle […]

Joshua McAlees Common Problems Seen in Florida Homes

Common Problems Seen in Florida Homes

Living in the sunshine state of Florida sounds like an absolute dream to many people who are looking to retire somewhere warm. While searching for that new home is an exciting adventure, there are some home issues that need some light shed on them. Understanding the different problems that homes face in Florida as well […]

Joshua McAlees Home Decor Trends in Florida

Home Decor Trends in Florida

2018 is a year of new, bold trends in home decor. While many of these trends stem from previous years’ trends, the trends we’re seeing so far this year in Florida are taking on new dimensions. Here are a few home decor trends you can expect to see in new Florida homes. Strong, Darker Colors […]

Joshua McAlees Two Popular Architect Styles That Began in Florida

Two Popular Architect Styles That Began in Florida

Like many things in life, architecture is constantly changing. Most homes in Florida follow the trend of architecture that was well-known at the time of their production. Here are two types of architectural trends that had their start in our own state of Florida. Mid-Century Modern The 1950s to the 1960s was the time for […]

Joshua McAlees Hurricane Season Is Right Around the Corner, Are You Prepared

Hurricane Season Is Right Around the Corner, Are You Prepared?

As hurricane season again approaches, it’s important to make sure you’re prepared. Having a good generator that will suit your family’s needs in the likely event of a power outage is a good start. By following a few suggestions, you can better determine which products will be best for your family’s situation. Portable or Stationary? […]

Joshua McAlees - Snow Bird Checklist

Snow Bird Checklist

Many residents in North Palm Beach, Florida are only here for part of the year. These upcoming months are crucial for those heading back north. If you wish to maintain the value in your Florida real estate, make sure to properly prepare your home for the months you’re away. Avoiding coming home to the Sunshine […]

Joshua McAlees - Real Estate Marketing Trends in Florida

Real Estate Marketing Trends in Florida

Real estate trends are easily identified and when given consideration can lead to big gains in your business. Here are some of the real estate marketing trends going on in Florida as of now that you should be keeping an eye on. Millennials as first-time homebuyers Millennials are individuals that have grown up in the […]

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