The state of Florida has two classifications for general contractor licensing. The general contractor certified license permits a contractor to work anywhere in the state of Florida. The general contractor registered license limits a contractor to local jurisdictions and requires those jurisdictions to grant a Certificate of Competency.

Certified License

Before applying for a certified general contractor license, you must first pass all three parts of the Florida State Construction Exam: project management, contract administration, and business & finance. Project management and contract administration are pencil-and-paper exams that must be taken in Orlando, Miami, or Tallahassee. These two exams can only be completed every other month: February, April, June, August, October, and December. The business & finance part of the exam is taken electronically at Pearson VUE.

The Florida State Construction Exam has fees that must be paid in full in order to earn a passing grade. The fees are $215 for Professional Testing, $135 for the registration fee, $80 for the exam site administration fee, and an additional $80 for the business & finance part of the exam.

Registered License

To obtain a registered Florida general contractor license, you may present a Certificate of Competency which is issued by the local jurisdiction(s) that the contractor plans to work in. If they are unable to acquire a Certificate of Competency, they must pass the Florida State Construction Exam.

Applying for the Licenses

Once you have the criteria above for the license you wish to obtain, you may begin the application procedure. Application requirements are the following: either proof of your passing grade on the Florida State Construction Exam or your Certificate of Competency, a credit score report to prove responsibility and financial stability, a background check that includes fingerprinting, proof of secured property damage insurance, general liability insurance, and workers compensation insurance that is valid within 30 days of receiving the license.