2018 is a year of new, bold trends in home decor. While many of these trends stem from previous years’ trends, the trends we’re seeing so far this year in Florida are taking on new dimensions. Here are a few home decor trends you can expect to see in new Florida homes.

Strong, Darker Colors
The past decade or so saw a trend of bright yellows and blues throughout the home. Recently, there has been an increase in deep colors such as ruby reds, dark purples, and lush greens. Keeping with a modern look, these indulgent colors are often paired with grey or light beige walls to accent them.

Clean, Polished Kitchens
While the trend of “open kitchens” is still very relevant in the design of the home, the newest trend is taking that another step further. Appliances are being concealed behind smooth-faced cabinets to give the room a minimalist, clean vibe. To add to the clean look, the cabinets are being painted white along with a lighter color countertop. Some homeowners in Florida are choosing to replace older countertops with recycled materials such as concrete, bottles, and more.

Vacation Within the Home
With many homeowners beginning families and heavily focusing on their careers, it’s hard to find time to squeeze in a vacation or get-away. Instead, they are treating their homes as if it were their vacation place by hanging hammocks, landscaping the backyard for the perfect backyard-BBQ, or installing minibars throughout the home. With these simple additions, the regular day-to-day lives of Florida residents can feel more like a luxurious beach vacation.

No Room Left Untouched
Each room in the home is starting to see a face-lift. From mud rooms to laundry rooms, homeowners are adding customized storage areas and carefully choosing color palettes to accentuate the rest of the home instead of installing plain, boring shelves for simple functionality.