If you’re planning on building a new home in Florida, there is a high level of freedom that comes with designing the building. You’ll get to select the materials that are used in the home, as well as the layout of the interior setting. If you want to create a functional environment, there are a few necessary features to build for your Florida home.

Laundry Room
Laundry rooms offer a high level of convenience because they prevent you from having to place the washing machine and dryer in your kitchen or garage. Laundry rooms are comfortable settings where you can have a place to fold the clothes and store all of your supplies.

The laundry room can have added comfort with a chandelier that is placed overhead and windows that are available, which will add natural light into the room and will make it easier to clean and fold the laundry.

Open Layout
Open layouts continue to remain popular due to the light and airy setting that they create. By building fewer walls in the home, you can combine the kitchen, living room, and dining room in the space, which can make it easier to spend more time with your family or entertain your guests.

Spa Bathrooms
Consider designing a master bathroom that resembles a spa, which can allow you to relax and unwind in the space. Spa bathrooms are equipped with many amenities and features, which includes heated towel hangers, heated floors, pedestal tubs, and showers with multiple shower heads. A seating area can also be created as a place to lounge around or read without having to leave the room. Additional features to include are dual vanities, corner garden tubs, and vanity style fixtures.

Smart Home Features
More homeowners are including smart home features that offer convenience and improve the functionality when building a home. Built-in sound systems are a top feature to consider, which can include flush speakers in the ceiling, subwoofers, and a Sony Blu-Ray player. USB outlets can also be placed on the wall outlets for an easy way of charging smartphones and tablets. A wireless security system is also a must-have to secure the property and reduce the risk of a break-in with the use of surveillance cameras and sensors.