New York City is the best location for finding luxury homes and apartments. Prime real estate spots come up all the time to find the hottest properties. Now, there is a new luxury real estate coming up to the spotlight. Hudson Yards, residing on the far west side of Manhattan, has now become the next great real estate development in New York City, and here’s why:


Commercial and Residential Real Estate

The Hudson Yards isn’t about building luxury homes in the far west side of Manhattan–it’s future is a luxury lifestyle. Not only will there be numerous residential towers, but also state-of-the-art office towers, over 100 shops, a collection of high-class restaurants and other exceptional amenities for the neighborhood’s residents, employees and guests. Each building, tower and luxury feature has been designed and developed by renowned architects, planners and engineers.

Historical Site

The site Hudson Yards will reside on is unlike any neighborhood ever developed. Set on 28 acres of historical working rail yard, construction has been underway since 2014. Before Hudson Yards went from idea to reality, it was once hoped to be the site for the 2012 Summer Olympics. When New York lost their bid to host the olympics, developers still sought to develop an entirely new neighborhood around the rail yards. Instead of a home for the olympics, the developers found a new dream to create a elite, luxury neighborhood.   

A Diverse Luxury

One of the main goals for Hudson Yards is for everyone to have a piece of the luxury if they want to. The plan is to create a neighborhood for residents and the city’s melting pot of all nationalities, incomes, and personalities. While creating the neighborhood, planners went to real New Yorkers for their input to build something that reflected New York life itself. They took the aspects and features of New Yorker’s favorite neighborhoods to create the perfect mix of all of them.

The Future of the City

Hudson Yards will be a hub for life, work, leisure and pleasure. As well as residential towers, office space and shopping amenities, the neighborhood will also have unparalleled features for residents and workers to build a life. This includes 750-seat public school, a luxury hotel, a public plaza, and a skyscraper that will be home to the city’s highest open-air observation deck. There will be plenty for residents, employees and visitors of the neighborhood. The Hudson Yards will become the new beacon of New York City life.