Real estate trends are easily identified and when given consideration can lead to big gains in your business. Here are some of the real estate marketing trends going on in Florida as of now that you should be keeping an eye on.

Millennials as first-time homebuyers
Millennials are individuals that have grown up in the digital age. Now in their early twenties, they have had ample time to save up money for purchasing a home due to earning opportunities taken advantage of early on in life. They will have a good idea of what they want already thanks to the internet educating them on what will best suit their lifestyle so be ready because more than likely- they will be!

Owning vs. renting
It’s becoming more practical to own a home instead of renting one due to the increase in rental prices across the board. If owning costs as much as renting individuals are choosing ownership.

The economy is reviving itself
The economy is finally recovering from the housing crash of 2008. Housing will return to more reasonable pricing and people will be ready to take advantage of this.

More opportunities for entry-level homes
Builders are now able to build more affordably priced homes since due to the recovery of the economy and families are taking advantage of such opportunities. In past years building trends resulting in high priced homes the majority couldn’t afford.

The change in city settings
There are 24-hour cities and 9-5 cities. A middle ground has risen and that is the 18-hour city. This is a trend to watch for real estate investment purposes. This is where businesses and residential homes are within close quarters in order to allow for easy transport between the two.

Using technology as a marketing tool
With the increased use of smartphones, technology has been developed that detects the availability of smartphones and sends out a message or notification that advertises the real estate property available.

The addition of mortgage brokers and credit counselors to real estate agents
When involved in the real estate business, it is important to be prepared for every question and possible situation. Having the proper resources available can be the make or break in the decision-making process.