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Joshua McAlees Climate Change is Affecting Real Estate Prices in Florida

Climate Change is Affecting Real Estate Prices in Florida

September 2017’s Hurricane Irma made a devastating visit to Florida and created billions of dollars in a trail of destruction in various areas. Storm surges, a rise in the sea level, heavy rainfall, high winds that went on for many hours, and parts of one’s property going underwater with seawater for days at a time, […]

Joshua McAlees Why Flood Insurance Is so Important to Those Living in Florida

Why Flood Insurance Is So Important to Those Living in Florida

If you live anywhere in Florida, you’re considered to be at risk for flooding. For this reason, every property owner in the state is urged to obtain flood insurance. This type of policy is specific to the type of damage caused by water and mud, which means your property and personal belongings will be covered. […]

Joshua McAlees Hottest Real Estate Florida

Some of the Hottest Real Estate Markets Are in Florida

Trulia published a list of the hottest real estate markets to watch and several of the markets were located on Florida’s coasts. The ranking was based off of 100 of the largest metro areas in the United States that met this criteria: high affordability, high search interest, high job growth, a decreasing vacancy rate, and […]

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