Florida’s economy is in excellent condition, and 2019 will see the market trend upwards. The state is currently one of the fastest growing economies because of job growth. The rising incomes in Florida are going to improve real estate values statewide. People have more money to spend on their homes, and the average price for a home is going to increase in proportion. Tourism is going to promote these trends in the real estate market as well.

In Florida, statewide trends are going to give a different picture than local markets. The large metro regions are going to enjoy stronger real estate markets than the smaller areas. Jacksonville has the lowest unemployment rate in Florida, and the real estate market is reflecting those employment numbers. The excellent economy is attracting buyers from other states, and these buyers are willing to pay more for their homes. If that trend continues in 2019, real estate investors may benefit from the new values. Investors saw improvements in the market in 2018, and next year will provide better conditions for their investments.

How Investors See These Trends

Real estate investors are going to benefit from the growing economy of Florida. Besides residential properties, the commercial and retail property will experience an increase in value. People are going to spend their income on the businesses in their city, and entrepreneurs want to own real estate for their startups. Florida fosters business growth through its focus on a supportive tax climate. Many of the buyers you’ll find in the market come from other states, and they’re willing to purchase real estate because of the long-term benefits. Florida’s 2019 real estate market is going to have opportunities for investment.

The Buyer’s Market Continues

Next year is going to continue the trends we saw in 2018. Florida is currently a buyer’s market with a focus on commercial real estate. When an economy experiences positive trends, prices increase because people want to buy. The unemployment rate will promote the residential property, and the commercial property will benefit as well. Real estate is going to increase in price, but buyers will want to continue investing in the market. This positive trend is going to last for a long time to come.