After visiting different locations multiple times, families might determine that a relocation is in their best interest. They might move for a job opportunity. Some believe the cost of living in another city is more in line with their budget. Many people move from one city to another in order to improve their circumstances. Some cities in the country are gaining more new residents as the year passes.

Myrtle Beach, South Carolina
The population of the metro area rose by more than 15 percent in the last decade. Many of the folks moving here prefer the warm weather that the coastal state offers. Statistics indicate that the average annual salary of employees is $35,600. The average cost of a home in Myrtle Beach is approximately $137,000.

Fort Myers, Florida
The beautiful coastal city of Fort Myers also scores high on the migration list. More than 16 percent of their residents settled here from other areas. No doubt the white sandy beaches and year-round sunshine played a major role in the decision to come here. The area also offers a number of historic attractions. The average annual salary is $40,000 and the price of an average home is approximately $681,000.

Sarasota, Florida
Older adults made the move to Florida in the last five years. The city’s population expanded by more than 12 percent. In fact, adults over the age of 50 found this Florida city more appealing than the top two communities on the list due to the cost of living. The average annual salary here is $42,000. The asking price for an average home is approximately $225,000.

Austin, Texas
The year-round warm climate and ever-increasing technical positions influence many to move to the Texas metropolis. In recent years, Austin’s population increased by more than 10 percent. The average annual salary of employees is approximately $51,000. The average price of a home in the metropolis is $279,000.

Orlando, Florida
The warm Florida sunshine combined with the chance to visit Disney World and Universal Studios along with other attractions may be the factors why families make the move to Orlando. The city enjoyed a population increase of more than nine percent in recent years. Potential employees find that the average salary is rated at $43,000. The average cost of a home in the sunny city is $214,000.